What sets Walker/Viden Luxury Consignment apart from other consignment / resale shops is our eye.  We have a unique curated selection which appeals to a wide variety of women's fashion needs.  From high style for red carpet events to casual cool, to date dresses or trendy pieces, we simply select the most interesting pieces we can find.  We focus on women's fashions but have a small selection for men we are growing.

People who shop consignment tend to shop a lot of them, with each store unique in its style, selection, personality and vibe.   The hunt for just the perfect piece keeps the consignment industry vibrant.  

We make it our intention to make customers (consignors and buyers alike) feel welcome and part of our fashion family!  We love fashion.  We love unique pieces.  We love customers who share our passion.  We love what we do and hope you will too.