The Walker/Viden Difference

What sets Walker/Viden Luxury Consignment apart from other consignment / resale shops is our eye.  We have a unique curated selection which appeals to a wide variety of women's and men's fashion needs.  From high style for red carpet events or photo/video shoots to casual cool, to date dresses or trendy pieces, we simply select the most interesting pieces we can find.  Co-founder Jennie Walker developed her New York sense of style while living in Manhattan for 16 years.  She brings that New York City vibe to her clothing choices for the store, with the classic love of the color black!  We focus on women's fashions but have growing selection for men.  The men's selection is very small and sold primarily online.  If you would like to see the men's collection, we will bring pieces out for you onto the selling floor.

We offer charity consignments for non-profits who have been given high-end designer fashion and need a sales outlet, beyond a yearly fundraising dinner or semi-annual event.  We offer the services for individuals who wish to donate the proceeds of their consigned items to a favorite charity.   Oftentimes, seeing an item in person or being able to try something on will garner higher prices for an item, as well as a longer consideration period, beyond the bidding table.

We work with consignors around the country and have a system for mailing items to our store.  We also operate two ebay stores, where we list all of our consignment items, opening them up to a global customer base and giving us the maximum opportunity to sell them.  High profile items, such as Chanel and Louis Vuitton handbags, jewelry and luggage, have sold within 24 hours or in just a week through our online consignment via our ebay stores to out-of-state/country customers.  Those that take longer are generally due to price considerations.

People who shop consignment tend to shop a lot of them, with each store unique in its style, selection, personality and vibe.   The hunt for just the perfect piece keeps the consignment industry vibrant.  

We make it our intention to make customers (consignors and buyers alike) feel welcome and part of our fashion family!  We love fashion.  We love unique pieces.  We love customers who share our passion.  We love what we do and hope you will too.

What Is Consignment?

Consignment is an opportunity to have an outside company sell your personal items using their network of customers and contacts in exchange for a consignment fee.  Our consignment fee is based on the value of the item to be sold.

U.S. households have an average of $3,000 worth of items unused in their homes which could be sold.  Households with luxury goods can have $3,000 value in just one vintage Chanel handbag.  Walker / Viden Luxury Consignment specializes in finding the best sales outlet for your luxury items and working to get the highest market price possible.  We take the time to match items with interested buyers and this results in higher prices for your items.  Other companies put your items through a fast turnaround program, in which lower prices push faster sales.  At Walker / Viden we take the time necessary to get the right price for your belongings.

We work with individuals, business, and partial estates to liquidate items through our network.   We use our own working knowledge and a network of appraisal experts to determine pricing.   We specialize in luxury clothing, accessories, luggage and jewelry.    

We accept the most interesting and unique pieces available in the marketplace, keeping our selection fresh and interesting. 

Walker / Viden Luxury Consignment is a proud member of NARTS, the National Association of Resale Professionals.